Thursday, December 13, 2007

If It's Thursday, It Must Be Supernatural

Random thought ...

You know that saying - "Like father, like son"?


Mary would be soooo proud.


kooshypoo said...

ROTFLMAO! But I get the feeling she'd facepalm!

So, is it really "mostly sunny" in your hometown today?! LOL!

oceantriana said...

That is just all kinds of awesome, Cindy!!!

Good to *see* you again!!! :)

I can't believe it's Thursday and we get a new episode tonight!!!!!! This has been the longest work day EVER!!!!!!!!

(Yes, I obviously stole some !!!! from Kitty!)

oceantriana said...

Koosh - I giggle every time I see "kooshie-poo" (or some variation of that).

Anonymous said...

keeper!!! *borrowing from kitty also* That is so cute. I would be proud to say they were mine - bad manners and all. :-)

We are doing fine by the way, I hope the same for you and your girlies *hugs*


InkyOrchid said...

Welcome back, Keeper!!

I'd take either one of them.

*backs away slowly from toe-tapping Keeper*

psychoactive toad said...

Ha ha!