Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend - Gratitude, Bunnies, and Patriotic Pie

Here's a line that some will find amusing and some will wonder at my sanity, but in either case, for me, the sentiment remains this holiday weekend.

It's all about the pie.

Yep. You read that right.

Memorial Day.

An American holiday to commemorate the American casualties in any war or military action in which our country has taken part.

A salute to those brave soldiers who fought for the freedoms we as a nation hold dear.

Larger freedoms such as those of speech and religion.

Smaller freedoms such as the right to picnic when the sun is shining and grill our favorite food of choice, be it hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, ribs, or whatever suits our tastebuds.

Like pie.

Yeah, I know, it's strange the way my mind works at times.

I'll be honest ... my first thought as this weekend approached was more a gleeful anticipation of three days away from the office, a time to rest and recoup after a week of non-stop activities, both during office hours and long into the evenings after hours, than the actual meaning behind the holiday.

I knew about the raising of the flags ceremony at our local cemetary and looked forward to driving the winding trails at some point this weekend or week as they are lined with the billowing flag.

I always enjoy watching and listening to the National Memorial Concert broadcast on PBS from Washington, DC on the weekend's Sunday night, hearing the music that honors our soldiers and it never fails to stir the pride in my heart.

Most important of all, I fully acknowledge, support, and deeply, DEEPLY appreciate our nation's veterans both living and deceased. It is through their fierce dedication and protection that I am able to sit here at my computer with my windows wide open, enjoying the peace and solitude, listening to the birds and insects backing up my iTunes playlist of classic rock and write these words, these thoughts, these feelings.

Yet I'm also honest enough to admit that this weekend my first thought was not in flag waving. I wanted to simply ... be.

Yes, I did make a list of some chores that do need to be accomplished but I wasn't sweating the timing. There is no enemy approaching that will be thwarted by whether or not I dust & vacuum my living room. (A word of warning ... first person who snidely remarks about my being able to thwart my allergy enemies by accomplishing this chore will be the recepient of my right to bear arms - even if they are verbal arms and not actual bullet discharging weapons.)

A simple, peaceful weekend to relax, to read, to write, to think thoughts and sleep naps.

I didn't know I was going to have a visitor hop by.


In the middle of the afternoon Saturday, a flash of shadow out of the corner of my eye had me fearing that a mouse (or squirrel or cat or worse) had decided to take advantage of my fresh air addiction and come in to check out the house. A prowl of the bedrooms and bathrooms brought nothing more to light than the fact that I had yet to accomplish a couple other chores on my list. A quiet, still stance of some time brought no auditory shadows ... rustling of papers, clothes, or anything that might suggest a creature would be attempting to take up residence. So, I returned to the living room and quietly sat reading while intermittently casting an eye towards the hallway.

Imagine my surprise when this itty bitty creature seemed to be peering round the corner of the hall entry. Sitting perfectly still, I watched as the tiny bunny ventured further into my living room ... stopping moment by moment ... it's little nose twitching and body still. I was entranced.

I spoke. A quiet greeting ... "Hello, little one."

It looked towards me and seemed to be listening.

So I talked some more.

At first quiet encouragements to head towards the doorway still open, then ... as it continued to sit and watch me ... listening ... other non-sensical queries and comments that if I were to publish them would simply give further proof that I ... well ... not gonna publish them, so you'll just have to guess on that part. *grins*

Needless to say, it didn't head towards the door.

I got up ... it scampered back to the bedrooms. *sigh*

After making some preparations, I again sat quietly and waited on my itty bitty baby bunny to make an appearance. Sure enough, after some time, it hopped itself out into the living room and then under a table. Okay. Not out the door, but away from the hallway.

Hallway is now blocked.

I sit and watch and, again, quietly talk with my little guest.

Baby Bunny decides it wants to go back to the rooms to play. I can't even begin to describe the incredible cuteness of it's discovery of the blocked hallway. Stopping it's flight to the bedrooms just barely an inch from careening headfirst into the wall I'd erected, it first sat and simply looked. It went to one side. It seemed to cock it's head in puzzlement and went to the other side. It then sat up on his little haunches, as though to try and peer over it. The fact that it was completely taken aback by this new arrival was obvious. Unfortunately, as I made my way towards it, it sped off in a different direction. This time underneath a corner table.

My eldest girlie stopped by on her way to work in order to have a look at my petite visitor. After some moments of coaxing and prodding, she was able to get Baby Bunny out from the corner under the table.

To behind the refrigerator.


Blocked the hallway. Forgot to block the kitchen.

Girlie had to go to work. I was left with Baby Bunny.

After a time my pint-sized guest came out from behind the refrigerator. In a sweet repeat, it tried to once again go back to it's previous spot, this time under the table, only to find the pathway blocked. Bunny curiously tried to get around the blockage before giving up and wandering the living room.

I decided to simply relax and enjoy the visit. I had my tiny companion effectively barred from passage to areas it could hide permanently. As it ventured ... exploring the area ... we talked - or rather, I talked, it listened with a seeming cunning attentiveness. I had snack of pasta salad ... it nibbled a small carrot I laid out for it. We seemed to enjoy each other's company. We both listened and watched as one of the forecasted rain showers was dispersed around my house for a brief, intense time.

Then it was, as the shadows were beginning to lengthen and darken, I looked up from my reading to see that my tiny visitor had finally made it's way to the doorway. I simply watched as it sat for a time, looking out the door, a miniature shadow in silhouette against the waning of the light outside. It was as though it knew that our visit was over and the time had arrived for it to go home.

It hopped out the door.

I went back to my Memorial Day weekend.

A relaxing, quiet weekend to wave my flag and enjoy the freedom to give thanks for those who gave their lives fighting in order that I might do so.

A simple, peaceful weekend to grill some favorites, to read a book, to do some writing, to watch a favorite television show.

A traditional weekend, ushering in the summer with my favorite cool summer holiday dessert ... a pie. Not just any pie ... a pie that is light and fluffy, perfect for those approaching warm days of summer. Not to filling, a perfect match to a dinner of grilled meat and tasty salads. A patriotic pie of red, white, and blue to match the holiday.

Yep. That's how my mind works ... in the end ... after the flag waving and bunny visiting ... it's all about the pie.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's Thursday, But It's Not Supernatural

Excuse me a moment, before I get started here. Please note: I realize I usually post my Supernatural blogs on my LJ or BFZ spots, however, this one is a bit different than my normal Supernatural stuff and I REALLY wanted it to be here as well. Hence the reason why I'm posting it here. Okay????

It’s the first Thursday after the season finale and I had a plan.

Actually … I still have a plan.

It is a plan that was something to help get me … and hopefully entertain you as well … through the endlessness that is called “Supernatural Summer Hiatus”.

However, today’s initial publication has been interrupted by the Broken Arrow Public School System.


I don’t know why you would be surprised. Those of you who have been around awhile know they’ve been doing to me for years. Heck, those who have been around a short time probably still know about it. Having three girlies … one in choir and two in band … means having activities to attend. Yet somehow, the BA school system automatically always seemed to know exactly when Thursday night would present, not only a new episode of Supernatural, but usually an episode that was key to the mythological storyline, thus making it twice as enticing.

However … as I am constantly advised by the youngest of my girlies (with hands on hips, toss of hair, and glaring eye – all she need is the tapping toe – scary!) … the three of them are indeed more important than any television program, even Supernatural. That doesn’t mean to say that I haven’t become excelled at strategic cut and run parking and hugging/kissing/dashing at the end of a program. And it sure doesn’t mean that my sweet Baby has become an expert streak at navigating the road from school program to home in minutes. It also doesn’t mean that my girlies don’t roll their eyes as I make my departure, and then quiz me the next day … begging to see the newest episode and determine for themselves whether it was good or not.

However, my girlies … well … they are my heart and they are my soul and they ARE more important than a Supernatural episode. (Shhh! Don’t’ tell them!) Therefore, today … the Broken Arrow School System and my eldest girlie are allowed to interrupt this blog originally designed to be my introductory Supernatural blog for my summer ramble room.

Today … tonight … at 7:30pm (CST) … my eldest girlie will be entering an auditorium with her graduating class of 2009 to receive her high school diploma.

Proud doesn’t even begin to describe the way I feel about this young lady.

I could spend some time and tell you about her accomplishments, for they are many.

I could spend some time and tell you about her years of band – the awards, the parades, the concerts, the practicing in my garage when she was just beginning.

I could spend some time and tell you about her years of softball, games, practices, getting dirty and scraped and loving every minute of it.

I could spend some time and tell you about her love for her cat, her enjoyment of reading, of heckling her younger sisters, of sleeping past noon, of listening to music, of playing games, of drawing, of watching the “The Lion King” over and over and over and over and over.

I could spend time and tell you of her years growing in God’s grace, of watching her grow, grasping the concepts presented and understanding God’s love for her as His own child.

I could spend time and tell you several things about this child whom I held the day she was born … a gift from heaven … delivered as a blessing to my heart and a delight to my soul.

However that would take more words than I can post without once again breaking the blogosphere. I’ve done it once, I won’t do it again.

I will simply tell you that there is no greater feeling for me than to have this child’s arms encircle me and lay her head upon my shoulder … there is no more feeling of completeness than to hear the words at the end of a phone call – “I love you, too” … there is no greater joy than to be rewarded by a sweet smile, a twinkling eye, a wicked grin, or a snarky comment during times spent together.

She is precious.

And tonight, she will be doing the walk across the stage and be given her diploma (or the semblance of it until final grades are tallied – not that there’s a question, but there are procedures), thus marking the end of one journey and embarking on another. Accepted to an awesome university, next fall she will be moving onward – learning more about life, about people, about the world around her – towards her dreams, some fulfilled, others changed, others evolving.

And tonight, I’ll be in the audience … watching the young blonde girl cross the stage in her cap and gown and seeing the small girl with shiny gold hair and tiny hands clutching tightly to the plastic play spoons as she sits on my kitchen counter on a Saturday morning “helping” me make Mickey Mouse pancakes for breakfast before we settle ourselves on the couch for yet another viewing of Disney’s “The Lion King”. I will be watching the spirited young girl, smiling and laughing amidst her friends and peers and seeing the little girl who would place her hands on each side of my face, look me in the eye and tell me in her little girl voice that I was her “bestest friend ever”.

Nope. Proud just doesn’t quite cover the feelings I have for this young girl. I don’t think words ever truly describe them.

Yet that’s okay.

Because what’s important is that she already knows.

And I know.

And that’s enough for both of us.

So, my friends … today I’m taking a break from my love of Supernatural and concentrating on my love for something … someone … a wee bit more important.

Okay … a whole heaping mound more important.

Yet, I hope you will keep an eye on this space … I plan to return next week. I’m re-watching Season Four and I’m rambling. I’ll actually be starting with the finale of Season Three, since I never actually wrote about it. And I’ll be doing these rambles with the help of “my friend”. BDW has always been central to the storyline. It seemed only right to bring him along with me. :-D

But for now … I’ve got a girlie to watch graduate.
Isn't she beautiful?

Happy Thursday!! Best day of the week!

Friday, May 15, 2009

20 Days ... Records Set ... Events Occured ... Discoveries Made

Last night on the news, the weatherman advised that we had set a new record ... 20 continuous days of rain, effectively beating the previous record of 13 days. Now, granted, there have been - few and far between - spots of sunshine during these past twenty days. There have been actual hours where no rain has fallen. It has not been a continuous flooding rain for the past 480 hours. We have had days which began with sunshine and ended in storms or vice versa. We have had days of continual light misting rain. We have had storms rage continually throughout the day. However the method ... the result has been the same ... at some point during the last twenty days, rain has fallen on each of them and a new record has thus been set. Now, for some reason known only to the insanity of my mind, when I heard this news, I began thinking about the last twenty record-breaking days and realized that, while I personally haven't exactly set any major records, the last twenty days have been fairly momentous in my life. Events have occurred and discoveries have been made, prompting me to share some of them here ... in my own little ramble room.

Anniversaries are considered to be momentous occasions. The larger the number ... the greater the occasion. Right? I mean ... 25th & 50th anniversaries are celebrated with silver and gold respectively, thus indicating that their achievement is to be valued. Although it wasn’t a silver or gold anniversary, May 3, 2009 commemorated a special date for me. As of that date I had been employed by my company for ten years.

I have to say, I'm rather proud of that achievement. Since beginning my employment availability at the tender age of 16 *mumblemumble* years ago ... we won't count the number of previous years of babysitting ... 10 years is the longest length of time I have been employed with a single company, thus breaking my previous record of 7.5 years at Avis Rent-a-Car. With today's economy such as it is, I am grateful for my job, yet there's more to it than just being grateful for being employed.

This job is something that came about after I had been laid off from a previous employer and without work for four months. At the time I remember thinking it was a "God thing", my coming to this place at just the right time with the ability to utilize all the skills I had gained over the years. I have since realized that this job truly is a "God thing" for I have been blessed over and over by it ... by the people who have come and gone throughout the years and whose lives have touched mine. Yes, there have been bad days ... gray days ... frustratingly aggravating black storm ridden days ... yet it always seems that even in the midst of my most infuriating times, something would occur - a short note ... a grateful smile ... a quiet comment - that renewed my faith that this position was the right one for me and that it truly continues to be a "God Thing".

My ten years was celebrated by the arrival of a truly spectacular arrangement of flowers, sent to me at my office from the president & vice-president of our management company. An array of tulips, hydrangea blooms, lilies, snapdragons, and other assorted bright spring flowers entwined with eucalyptus and greenery, it was breathtaking in its beauty. This morning ... eleven days later ... as I was removing some of the withering stems, I found the bud of a single remaining lily just beginning to open its petals ... a burst of new life and beauty amidst the faded blooms.

Perhaps it's not a record but it was definitely a reminder that beauty continues even when we believe life around us is gray and dreary … like when you’re in the midst of 20 days of rain.

During these twenty days I have also discovered that I will never – EVER - become a narcotic junkie. Seriously. I couldn’t even begin to deal with the constipation, a side effect that comes with regular usage.

‘Nuff said.


I discovered this fact during the last twenty days when, for the first time in my *mumblemumble* years, I actually injured myself in such a way as to require my physician to prescribe pain medication heavier than anything I’d ever used previously. As a single female these *mumblemumble* years, I have discovered that when all is said and done, reliance has to be on one’s self when certain events occur. Family is paramount and friends are blessings, but when you are home alone and you fall in the shower, there’s only one person to rinse you off and then clean up the sudsy mess on the bathroom floor. (BTW … that actually did happen about 4 years ago over the July 4th weekend and … again … we’re gonna go with ‘nuff said on that.)

Therefore, when I twisted my knee getting out of my car one evening after work, I thought nothing more of it than a simple twist … a sprain. They happen. You alternate heat with cold and keep it propped. Ibuprofen works great to take the edge off. A few days later you are walking like nothing occurred. In the meantime, there’s only one person to do the laundry … one person to stop at the grocery store and cook the meals … one person to clean up the kitchen and so on and so forth. So, this single female continued business as usual. The event of a twisted knee would pass.

Except … this time … it didn’t.

Still … seeing as doctors are not my favorite people … (my apologies to the medical profession but its true) … I’ll confess … I delayed. For those of us that have achieved the ripe age of *mumblemumble* years, we understand that continual rain has a tendency to seep into our bones and joints, causing a certain amount of aches and pains. Move a bit slower, stick with the heat because it feels better on the propped knee, pop some extra ibuprofen … everything is fine.

Except ... this time ... it wasn’t.

After a week of rain and of … I’m going with the word “discomfort” here … it was time to seek a doctor’s attention.


Events have since unfolded amidst the raindrops and storms, and I have been indoctrinated into the medical profession’s game of “Hurry up … no … wait!” With urgency I was sent for an MRI and given a diagnosis. With waiting I have been turned over to an orthopedic specialist. With urgency I have been given details of pending surgery. With waiting I have been given specific instructions not to walk, keep the knee propped and … did I mention the narcotics??? Events have since unfolded and yet, I am still the same single girl who fell in the shower. There is, still, just me to do the rinsing off and the cleaning up ... or ... in this case, the daily chores of life. Yet with the storms … after the raindrops … there’s always God’s rainbow and my rainbows these last 20 days may not have set records, however they did remind me that blessings … like rainbows are there to be discovered.

Whether it was a pair of supporting parents, an adopted Auntie, a couple of caring co-workers, a crazed friend, a simple note, a late night phone call, a load of laundry, a bag of groceries, a hug - in person or through cyberspace ... all of them worked together to remind this single female that while she is alone ... she is never truly alone.

Yep ... events have a way of happening. Big and momentous like a thunderstorm rolling across the plains (or through your neighborhood) they rumble through your life. Along with the events come the discoveries, gentler like the continuing mist or light showers after the storm, but no less awe inspiring in the rainbows they leave.

Yep ... it's been twenty days of rain here. And according to the weatherman ... that record is soon to be broken as rain is anticipated in the form of a huge honking storm coming through.


Making it twenty-one days of rain.

Wonder if there's another event fixing to unfurl itself in my life?