Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Re-Run

It's December and I want to do a Christmas blog!

It's Thursday and I want to do a Supernatural blog!

It's chaos today and the blog that I'm currently working on, while it is about Supernatural, it is not about Christmas. So, I decided to post something I wrote last Christmas. We've had re-runs of Charlie Brown and Rudolf - The Red Nosed Reindeer and other Christmas shows. Why not have a re-run of a Christmas Blog? I'm not calling it a classic by any means, but it might be something enjoyable. Originally posted on 12/24/06, this was written after the episode Croatoan had been broadcast, Hunted was still a month away. I hope you enjoy.


A Mother's Christmas Visit

Dean opened the motel room door, lay down on the bed
His body and mind were so worn and weary.
He looked round the room and then over at his brother,
Everything seemed to be so dark and so dreary.

The cares of the world seemed to weigh on his shoulders,
"I'm tired of this life, Sam", Dean said with a sigh,
I'm tired of the spirits and demons and evil,
We can't seem to kill them all so why do we try?

Sam looked at his brother and tried not to worry,
But the laughter and banter seemed so far away.
Still he tried to make light and to lessen the load,
Reminding his brother of what came the next day.

"Tomorrow is Christmas, Dean, or did you for get?
We'll relax and we'll just take a bit of a break.
What would you say if we ate somewhere different?
Had a good Christmas dinner, like potato and steak?"

Dean looked at his brother, so young and so earnest,
"It's just another day, Sam, as far as I see",
Dean sighed ... "Whatever you want, I really don't care
With Mom and Dad gone it will be just you and me."

Then Dean turned to his side, away from his brother
And willed sleep to come as his hand clinched at his heart.
He knew that the grief he held so tight and so close
Was threatening to spill and he could not let it start.

He so had to be strong for his younger brother,
To watch out for Sammy was the promise he'd made,
To the father he missed with all of his being,
Knowing his life had been spared because of John's trade.

Sam looked at his grim brother and wished he could help,
He thought of all the times Dean had been there for him,
Protecting him and keeping him safe from all harm,
And he kept wishing for help though the chances were slim.

Then Sam saw a small light, that appeared to be growing,
In the shadowy corner across from his bed
He waited and watched before calling his brother,
Something inside him said he had nothing to dread.

He watched as the light grew to a fiery brightness,
It lit up the room in a white incandescence.
Then suddenly gone, the room plunged into darkness,
Yet all around Same he knew was his mother's presence.

A whisper came softly, "Don't worry, my Sammy",
With a hand on his cheek and a ruffle of hairs.
"Now you go on to sleep and know that I love you.
I will take care of Dean and the trouble he bears."

As Sam went soundly to sleep and was not aware,
Mary went to her eldest and quietly stood,
Just watching his face as it grimaced with pain,
And she knew Dean was grieving much more than he should.

"Dean, my good boy, your Mom needs you to wake up now,"
Mary said as she smiled deeply into his face.
Dean's sleep faded quickly, he looked all around him,
"What's going on? Why are you here in this place?"

"I came to remind you of how special you are,
Of the man you've become who is brave and so good.
I know you feel you don't deserve to be living,
I know you'd trade back your life if only you could."

"Now listen, my son, for my time here is so short,
Your father's decisions, while not always the best,
Were his choices to make, he couldn't live with you dead.
So away put your grief, it's time to put it to rest."

"But, Mom, don't you see that that is only a part,
There is more to what Dad did than just make a deal.
There's the secret he told me of Sammy to keep,
I hate lying to Sam, it's a wound that won't heal."

"I know you're afraid Dean, but you must let Sam in,
You must trust in your brother, you cannot go wrong,
As you tell him Dad's secret, remind him as well,
Together ... United ... you're powerful and strong."

"My time has grown short and I wish so much to say,
My Dean I am so proud of the things that you have done.
(Well, maybe not all - you know the vices I mean!)
I love you, my darling. I am proud of you, Son."

"So go on back to sleep now and peacefully dream,
And know that I'm always with you and your brother.
Also remember to take some time to relax,
Then let down your guard and just laugh with each other."

"Mom, why did you come here now, and how did you know,
I needed you right now so much more than before?"
"Your brother, dear one, made a wish that was so strong
For someone to help you, to give you strength and more."

Dean lay down his head, no longer worn and weary,
Closing his eyes, he felt a faint kiss on his cheek,
Then memories assailed him of good times, such fun,
Of trees and of presents and daring to just take a peek!

And when he awoke, refreshed and remembering,
He snuck out of the room and, with hatchet in hand,
Cut down a small pine tree by the motel office,
Taking it back to the room and thinking it grand.

Dean would put away grief and give guilt the day off,
He would give Sam a good Christmas as in times past.
He would be strong a bit longer, he knew that he could,
Sammy's wish had given him a strength that would last.


Ace said...

I'm glad I came this way right now today. It was just what I needed for my own heavy heart and tired body. Great work, Cindy. :-)


raputathebuta said...

Oh Cindy!!!! What a lovely & touching Christmas post!!!!!

He snuck out of the room and, with hatchet in hand,
Cut down a small pine tree by the motel office,
Taking it back to the room and thinking it grand.

Wait a minute! Isn't that vandalism?!?!?! Oh Dean! *squishes him*

Tigerpride09 said...

NOOOO I love Dean, don't squish him!!!!

i remember when you read that to me before posting! I still love it. do you like what I did with my profile?

See you l8r, probably tomorrow night!


InkyOrchid said...

Oh, Keeper! You know just how to get a Dean-girl to tear up! I think it's a classic!

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Anonymous said...

Look what I found MC! I know you will love it...

your story is so bittersweet