Tuesday, July 31, 2007

When Eating and Talking at the Same Time

A couple of months ago, I took a vacation and wandered my way down to Austin, Texas. While I was there, I met a friend at this great little place for lunch. I decided to try something new, something different, so I had this specialty pizza. It was wonderful! A thin, crispy crust with a basil pesto sauce, artichokes, mushrooms, black olives and feta cheese. It was light. It was zesty but not harsh. It was simply enjoyable from the first bite to the last. Even after I started getting full, I couldn't quit picking at it and enjoying the taste of it.
Another thing that was wonderful about that meeting was the conversation. By meeting this friend, I was trying something new, something different, meeting this person for the first time. The time shared was wonderful! Our conversation was crisp, it never ceased, there was no awkward silences. It was light with fun and laughter. It was zesty with snark, yet not snide. It was simply enjoyable from the first moment to the very last. And even when it was time to part, we couldn't stop talking and enjoying each other's company.
Since I have been home, I have tried without success to recreate that pizza. I have tried versions of it from some of the national pizza chains (I REALLY don't recommend this! Even though there is feta cheese already on the pizza, they insist on covering it with enough mozzarella to fit two pizza boats.). I have tried a couple of local italian restaurants which were a bit better, but not much. I have tried making it myself at home, which yielded a bit better results, but still not quite right.
So ... here's my question that I'm pondering ... was this pizza really that good or was it the conversation? Was the pizza so much better because of the enjoyable conversation? Will I need to re-create the meeting with a friend in order to re-create the pizza?
Hmmm. Does this apply to other foods? I think I'm going to need to do some taste & talk testing. I'd better plan to visit some more new friends!

Monday, July 30, 2007

My Official Welcome & Introduction

After playing with the templates and putting together trial postings and sorting stuff around, I've decided it's time to let some people know I'm here. Please keep in mind, I'm still under construction of sorts, so things may look different if you decide to check in again. However, for now ...

I'd like to welcome you to my little spot in the blogging world. I wanted to create a place where I could spend some time and write ... little thoughts, eccentric thoughts, big thoughts, serious thoughts ... simply whatever might come to my mind and place it where people could actually read it. TV Guide has provided such a wonderful spot for my Supernatural thoughts, but I've begun to want to share other ... well ... thoughts. (Yep ... there's a lot of "thoughts" in this paragraph ... work with me, I'm nervous.) So, this is the place I've chosen to do just that.

Now, if you'll just excuse me, my nerves have just advised me that I need to breathe ...

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

How to Get Kids to Do Whatever You Want

For those who need to know:
A guaranteed way to get a kid to do anything you want them to do is to make a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookie dough and put it in a container in the refrigerator. It will reduce them to a puddle of begging and pleading ... not for the cookies to be baked, but for a spoonful of the sugary chocolatey goodness.
Of course, a guaranteed way to make the same kid crazy is to post a comment about it on your blogsite.
Then again, I've always loved my kids and living dangerously. Making chocolate chip cookie dough seems to satisfy both requirements.

A Week Ago at This Time ...

... I lived a year's time in a matter of hours as my imagination allowed me to travel the English countryside with Harry, Hermione, and Ron. My anguish was real as loved & respected ones were killed. My heart pounded through battles and narrow escapes. My anxiety level was high and when it seemed all hope was lost, I was full of despair and the tears I spilled were real, yet I had accepted the choice that Harry had made. The spectacular ending had me standing and cheering with gleeful happiness. An ending that not only closed a magnificent book, but also properly closed a series that has brought many thrills and much excitement over the years.

Today, a week later, as I watch two young friends reading ravenously, I remember my own thrill and excitement again. I won't ever have the pleasure of a "first reading" of Harry Potter again. But that doesn't mean that I can't read it again and still be transported to an exciting and magical world.

But I have to wait ... my young friends have my only copy of the book!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I Control the Weather

Bet you were unaware that I am the one in control of the weather. I didn't know this either, until I was asked, not once, not twice, not three times ... try 17 times in the course of one day ... why had I decided to make it so hot today.
Now. If I could just control my patience.