Sunday, December 2, 2007

Can the Mail Get Any Better?

Mail Call at my house is haphazard at best.

Most of the time, I tend to ignore the mailbox. Unless I know of the possibility of something arriving, I usually only check it once or twice a week. The bills inside aren't going anywhere and that is basically all that ever seems to arrive in that rectangular metal box.

Once upon a time, it gave the girlies a thrill to grab the key from the ring and run to see what was locked inside the metal box on the corner. Being small, it was necessary for me to follow behind to insure they were using the key in the correct box. After time, the need for my assistance disappeared and between the two of them, they would enjoy the unlocking, unloading and relocking of the little door.

Now, in their pre-teen years, it's generally a matter of who I can bribe to make the trek when I remember that it's been a couple of days and we might want to see what was inside. There could actually be a spectacular sale going on at the grocery store, another certificate for $200 off of my next car, a chance for an all expense paid trip to Branson is always my favorite (my parents live there and so I am able to enjoy an all expense paid trip a few times a year).

There's also the various and sundry catalogs urging me to purchase items or this will be the last catalog I receive - which I have put to the test and it doesn't work that way. I love it when a catalog company pouts - "We miss you and want you back. Take one item at 30% off." Yeah. Right. Felt that love!

Occasionally there is a card or a note that is personal. Those are the delights and joys and the reasons I check the metal box more than once a month. Those are the reasons for even having the box in the first place.

Then there is the moment when the Supernatural Obsessive opens her box and receives the best present a true Obsessive could wish to find tucked inside. Her very own copy of the very first Supernatural Magazine.

Oh. My. Dear. Goodness. Gracious!

Words simply fail to describe the richness, the goodness, the fullness of pleasure to be found within the covers of this publication. Here's a quote from The Kripke on the very first page:

"Supernatural is a freak. It's a mutt. It's a Frankenstein's Monster of pretty much everything I love - horror, comedy, urban legends, classic rock, Joseph Campbell, Route 66, Westerns - all stitched together inot one bloody, twitching package. One of the most gratifying things about making this show was learning there were others out there like me. I wasn't alone. There's a couple million people wh dig the same things. People who fancy a little gore in their coffee. People who take solice in stories, the real stories, the ones passed around the campfire for thousands of years. People who, above all, value family. If you're holding this magazine, chances are you're one of us, too. Welcome."

I have yet to explore and enjoy all that is included in this first magazine - interviews with Jensen and Jared, a wonderful piece with director Kim Manners, special effects info, features on so many things from the journey so far to the top 5 tacky motel rooms, as well as lore from the master himself - The Kripke. There is simply so much that I will be enraptured for days.

Seriously. I mean, what other magazine do you know that can delight everyone with a centerfold that pictures the third star of the show in all of her beautiful, shiny, black glory?

Some days it really does pay to stop by the metal box and look inside. This Supernatural Obsessive is already looking forward to January. According to page 65 of this first issue, the second issue contains an article "Like Father Like Sons" - Jeffrey Dean Morgan reflects on life as John Winchester ...

Yep. I might be waiting at the metal box on that day - no need to waste the postman's time putting it into the box. I'll just be there to snatch that one out of his hands!


Bardicvoice said...

Ah, CindyRose, I got mine on Saturday and was in transports of rapture!

Alas only that they don't come out more often ... although if they did, we might not get anything done!

psychoactive toad said...

Woot! I haven't received mine yet, and I checked the mail yesterday. Like you, I don't check it daily; about once a week for me. But I will be haunting the mailbox until the magazine comes.

OriginalCindyRose said...

Amen, Mary! Everything I planned for this afternoon went straight out the window. sigh. Trying to pretend I care. Grinning because I know I don't.

Toady ... Here's hoping it comes tomorrow. It's simply wonderful. You'll be squee-ing with delight.

Mary! Did you get the extra "thank you" pics? Toady ... don't just throw away the envelope. I nearly tossed mine. Thank goodness I've got a girlie who inspects every little part of an envelope in the mail.

koosh said...

*is far too embarrassed to comment*

psychoactive toad said...

Why, kooshypoo?

I'm supposed to get The Road So Far Roadmap in mine, so I will be very careful with the envelope.

InkyOrchid said...

And just you keep watching you mail, missy!

raputathebuta said...

I got mine last week & have been torturing myself with it...I've been allowing myself only bits & pieces to savor & haven't yet finished reading it yet.

Rodyssey said...

What the...? There's a Supernatural magazine??? Man, am I out of the loop.

How come my fellow Dean-girls didn't tell me. Er, um, I mean... How come no one told me?


OriginalCindyRose said...

Rod ... we do need to get you out more. The Keeper recommends checking out or at PowerStar Collectibles, if you don't have time to catch it at your local bookstore. You'll love it. Trust me, I'm still reading and enjoying!

Anonymous said...

Just saying "Hi!" and I am kind of jealous.


koosh said...

psst, Rod, if it makes you feel any better? you stated kooshypoo's sentiments [i]exactly...[/i]

*facepalms & runs away*

Anonymous said...

Extra "thank you" pics? Totally not! I'd ordered mine direct from Titan, the publisher, and it came in clear plastic ... maybe they were an add-on from elsewhere, if you bought through another site?

Hmm ... I'll be curious to see what arrives in the other package from TFAW, the "Exclusive" series one with the variant cover ...

(This is Mary, by the way - for some reason, my password keeps getting rejected, so I can't sign in as me. Grrr.)

raputathebuta said...

Mary, I ordered mine from Titan as well. WTF is up with the extra goodies?!?!?! Dearest Keeper, please share the extras!!!!

Pretty plese with a chocolate covered Big Daddy on top?!?!?!

PEACHY!!!!!!!!! *grin*

psychoactive toad said...

Still waiting...