Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 - Just About Over

It's evening and in just a bit over 4 hours, it will no longer be the year 2007. Father Time will have passed and birth will be given to the Baby New Year.

I'm here at my computer, spending some time, waiting for some friends. We don't go out ... we stay home (in this case, my house this year) and actually celebrate "our Christmas" together. It's an evening of fellowship and of fun with snacks and presents and more snacks. Sometimes we play a game, sometimes we watch a movie. What is important is that it is friends, relaxing and welcoming the New Year and all it's possibilities together.

However, before we do that ... I wanted to spend a moment and give thanks for the year that has just gone past. Seems it had barely begun before it is now over. I know that I did a "Thanks" blog back at Thanksgiving. Everything there still holds true. The holidays are like that for me ... I continually find myself giving thanks for the blessings of the year. Somehow, I don't feel that's a bad thing.

It was a year of ups and downs, but then ... I guess ... most years are like that. I understand the fact that if you don't have the downs, you can't truly appreciate the ups. So, I suppose in that light, I am thankful for the downs.

I began the year with new acquaintances ... a virtual world had opened up to me that I had never experienced. I'm happy to say that many of those aquaintances are now dear friends and I can't imagine a week going by without a conversation or "talk" with each one of them.

Throughout the year there were many times to share with family ... phone calls, emails, instant messages, and visits. Family is wonderful - the joys of happy times are even more appreciated and the lows of sorrows, pains, or heartaches are supported and comforted.

Ending the year with a car accident gives a person a new perspective on a lot of things, the least of which is facing the loss of a car who was more like an old friend. Yet, my little old car took me on a trip this last summer ... my first ever true vacation ... a week that was spent traveling from Tulsa to Austin to Ft. Worth and back home. My little old car took me there in safety. I did what I wanted, when I wanted with no real time expectations, except for two important things - the wedding of a special young friend and a play starring a special young actor. It was a wonderful time spent with my brother, spent with old friends, spent meeting a new friend, and spent wandering the roads with my little old trusty car. She and I had a great time and if this had to be her last year, then it was a good one.

Work was busy - busier than times past and sometimes rather chaotic, but ... you know ... I'd rather face the chaos of a work day than the uncertainty of being without a job and not knowing how to pay the next bill or rent.

This year included finding the joy of writing. Although I had begun towards the end of 2006, it was this last year that gave me a true sense of joy and I found a passion fulfilled in the act of putting thoughts to words and printing those words for others to read. The fact that others enjoyed reading what I had written gave me extreme happiness.

So ... as I get ready for friends to come and share my evening ... I give thanks for the blessings of 2007. For the ups and for the downs, the happy times and the sad moments.

And I look forward ... in just a bit over four hours it will be 2008.

2007 will be the past.

And as I have said before ... past is past. It is over. It is done with.

Time to move forward.

I can't wait!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Things I Do

*shakes head slowly*


Okay ... I wandered over to LiveJournal a couple weeks ago and found where all my inmates had been disappearing to. All of them seemed to have these lists called "Meme" that I truly enjoyed reading. Unfortunately, I also had to mention how much I enjoyed them and now I've been "tagged".

Great googly-oogly!

*squares shoulders*

*ponders life*

Alright ... it's a bit later than promised but life intervened.

For Koosh and Toady and Rap ... and all my other inmates:

10 Weird Things or Little Known Facts
by: CindyRose (aka. The Keeper)

1) I can read upside down as easily as I can read right side up. Yep ... I can sit across the desk (or table or counter or anything else) and read the same thing that the other person is reading - book, memo, letter, employee evaluation ... If you don't want me to read it, don't just lay it on the other side - you'd better cover it.

2) I can write upside down and backwards. It's a talent, what can I say? There's a restaurant here in town that covers their tables with brown paper and provides crayons. I can write my name and other words upside down and backwards so that the person across the table can read them the right way. (Oh ... refer to #1 for how the person across the table writes back and I can read it.)

3) When I was a senior in high school, my best friend and I spent each Saturday night toilet papering the trees and yards of people in our youth group. We actually had a list of people WANTING us to "T-P" their yards and we did so with the permission. Probably because we would always leave a baked treat behind - pie, cookies, brownies, etc. - for those we T-P'd.

4) The first movie I remember seeing in a theater was Mary Poppins. It was at Radio City Music Hall in New York City and my clearest memory of the day was the big red cushy seats that rocked and the way the big red curtain parted to show the screen for the movie.

5) I celebrated my 24th birthday in Kauai, Hawaii at the Coco Palms Resort where Elvis filmed Blue Hawaii.

6) When I am angry or frustrated, I clean. When I am hurt or sad, I bake. When I am angry and hurt, I clean and I bake at the same time.

7) I love to bake from scratch and rarely use mixes.

8) One of my long time favorite movies is Jumpin' Jack Flash with Whoopi Goldberg. When it first came out, I lived in Austin and a friend of mine bought me a pair of yellow hi-top Converse tennis shoes because I loved Whoopi's character - Terry Doolittle - and her shoes. (I already had a pair of red hi-top Converse.)

9) When I was in college I kept a kitten in my dorm room for two weeks. She was so tiny, she fit in the pocket of my robe and we would visit my friends and everyone played with her. Oh ... did I mention that I lived directly above my dorm director. She never knew a thing. Where did the kitten go? We put it in a box and put it outside my dorm director's apartment door. She loved it and kept it, putting up signs trying to figure out where it came from.

10) I have a tattoo. It was my reward to myself for losing 100 pounds a couple years ago. It is a Celtic braid with small white daisies in the large loops and goes around my right ankle like an ankle bracelet. I love it!

Okay ... there you have it. Ten things about me that you may or may not have known.


As for the song listing ... nope ... ya'll aren't getting that one out of me. One list per beg is all you get!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Night - A Thoughtful Thank You

It's Christmas night.

The house is quiet and dark. The only lights are those from the Christmas tree, a few candles warmly flickering around the room, and the soft glow from my computer screen.

Just a bit ago, I was standing in my darkened kitchen, looking out my window watching the moon cast it's silvery glow as I sipped a mug of tea (Comfort & Joy is the blend and it truly is!). It was so peaceful and I have to admit that after this last week, it was a comfort just to stand there and relax - allowing the last week's cares to finally slip away. I simply stood and enjoyed the sight and let my mind wander - something I haven't really done lately.

I thought of my family.

I thought of my friends.

I thought of my blessings.

It was a week ago tonight that I left the office full of plans, things I needed and wanted to accomplish that evening running through my head - scheduling, figuring, deciding.

It was a week ago tonight that everything changed in the blink of an eye when my little car was totaled in an accident.

To say that my plans for that evening (and the rest of the week) changed would be a proverbial understatement.

It was a week ago tonight that in a blink of an eye, I was blessed.

With the exception of some really incredible bruises (think concord grape) in some really incredible places and of some really incredible sizes, I am unscathed. The woman in the other vehicle is the same. We were both incredibly lucky. That is a blessing.

With a U-shaped front end, it is safe to say that my little car won't be doing any more traveling along life's highways with me. She was 10 years, 1 month and 18 days old. She had well over 100,000 miles on her, together we had made many journeys - not only to work but to visit family and friends in town and in other states. She provided me comfort and independence and in the end, she protected me from being further harmed. That is a blessing.

Shaky with shock, sore with bruised pain and unable to bring thoughts together in a consistent and cohesive manner, my friends and my family provided me with comfort, with support, with assistance and with love. That is a blessing.

Always the one to take care of the others, I learned the difficult lesson that it is alright to accept assistance from others - be they family or friends, near or far. I learned to practice what I preach and learned that sometimes the only thing we need to do is say "Thank You". That is a blessing.

It's now a week later. Plans were adjusted and Christmas, instead of being "ruined" because I was unable to travel, was modified and I spent it with my parents at my house instead of theirs. My little car is being replaced with a new model - one that won't require new tires, have a terrible oil leak, has a driver's side door handle that actually works without the window being rolled down, will provide air conditioning this next summer (something I haven't had the last two summers) and therefore will give peace of mind each time I'm on the road. I have found comfort in my friends. My head is now clearer and my heart is thankful.

Standing in my window, watching the moon's silvery glow on this Christmas night, I smiled.

Past is past. It's over. It's done with. It is time to move on with life.

Isn't that the gift of Christmas? With that first Christmas gift so many years ago - the past became past. The time had come to move on. Life became the blessing of Christmas. My life became a blessing this Christmas.

For that I say ... "Thank You".

Friday, December 14, 2007

Electric Gratitude

While I might do some wandering on the way home, taking various different routes homeward depending on stops I need to make or the mood that I am in, my drive in the morning to work is consistently the same. I'm not awake enough to deviate. During my 20 minute drive, 10 of those minutes are spent on the highway. The highway speed limit is 65 and traffic is moving. I don't speed in the morning - there's too many of those lovely unmarked patrol cars traveling the road with me.

This morning as I got onto the highway, I came upon a convoy of electric trucks - big yellow work trucks filled with men from Pike Electric Company who have come all the way from North Carolina to help get the people of Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Sand Springs and other surrounding communities back to the land of electricity and light. It was a sight to see. They were traveling a bit slower than the speed limit, so I was passing them. There were 22 trucks and still more ahead of them as I turned off on my exit. Like I said, it was truly impressive to see.

As I passed these trucks ... if the driver happened to look my direction, I found myself waving and mouthing the words "Thank You". These people, and many others from other states, have truly been a blessing, working around the clock to restore power to homes, to businesses, to schools and churches. It's been a long week for many people and there are still many who are without power.

The power of nature is truly amazing. Last year we dealt with drought in the summer, causing grass fires and 10 inches of snow in a short amount of time in the winter. This seems to be our year of rain. At the beginning of summer the rain created flooding and now, with the freezing temperatures of winter, it has created ice, causing trees to bend and snap and powerlines to pop and fail. While the roads themselves, thankfully, did not freeze and ice over, traveling has been made difficult - to put it mildly.

Streetlights and stoplights were empty and useless. Neighborhoods were quiet and still - houses in shadows of darkness. Shopping center parking lots were empty. Lines were long at the gas stations that did manage to have power. Several hospitals had to go to cancel surgeries due to having to go on back-up generators.

Yet there is light, both now and at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Our amazing police, fire, and paramedic personnel have stepped up to the challenges presented - working tiressly to care for our cities and our people. Our electric company, joined by those from surrounding states are continuing to work to bring electricity back to those without. Each day, power is being gradually restored. Stores and businesses are beginning to re-open, people have been (for the most part) polite and understand of delays. Friends and families with power and heat have been sharing with those that do/did not.
It has been a time of community. And even though it has been a time of crisis and frustration, it has also been a time to be grateful for the things that we do have.
I am grateful for family and friends who have checked on me to make certain all is well. I am thankful that each morning I wake and am able to put my feet on the floor, look in the mirror and greet the day. I appreciate the fact that I have a roof over my head, food in my pantry, and a job to make that possible.
Most of all, I commend all of the men and women who have traveled from near and far, as well as their families back home, who have responded during this holiday season and come to the aid of so many people in the dark.
This Broken Arrow resident truly appreciates it.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

If It's Thursday, It Must Be Supernatural

Random thought ...

You know that saying - "Like father, like son"?


Mary would be soooo proud.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Re-Run

It's December and I want to do a Christmas blog!

It's Thursday and I want to do a Supernatural blog!

It's chaos today and the blog that I'm currently working on, while it is about Supernatural, it is not about Christmas. So, I decided to post something I wrote last Christmas. We've had re-runs of Charlie Brown and Rudolf - The Red Nosed Reindeer and other Christmas shows. Why not have a re-run of a Christmas Blog? I'm not calling it a classic by any means, but it might be something enjoyable. Originally posted on 12/24/06, this was written after the episode Croatoan had been broadcast, Hunted was still a month away. I hope you enjoy.


A Mother's Christmas Visit

Dean opened the motel room door, lay down on the bed
His body and mind were so worn and weary.
He looked round the room and then over at his brother,
Everything seemed to be so dark and so dreary.

The cares of the world seemed to weigh on his shoulders,
"I'm tired of this life, Sam", Dean said with a sigh,
I'm tired of the spirits and demons and evil,
We can't seem to kill them all so why do we try?

Sam looked at his brother and tried not to worry,
But the laughter and banter seemed so far away.
Still he tried to make light and to lessen the load,
Reminding his brother of what came the next day.

"Tomorrow is Christmas, Dean, or did you for get?
We'll relax and we'll just take a bit of a break.
What would you say if we ate somewhere different?
Had a good Christmas dinner, like potato and steak?"

Dean looked at his brother, so young and so earnest,
"It's just another day, Sam, as far as I see",
Dean sighed ... "Whatever you want, I really don't care
With Mom and Dad gone it will be just you and me."

Then Dean turned to his side, away from his brother
And willed sleep to come as his hand clinched at his heart.
He knew that the grief he held so tight and so close
Was threatening to spill and he could not let it start.

He so had to be strong for his younger brother,
To watch out for Sammy was the promise he'd made,
To the father he missed with all of his being,
Knowing his life had been spared because of John's trade.

Sam looked at his grim brother and wished he could help,
He thought of all the times Dean had been there for him,
Protecting him and keeping him safe from all harm,
And he kept wishing for help though the chances were slim.

Then Sam saw a small light, that appeared to be growing,
In the shadowy corner across from his bed
He waited and watched before calling his brother,
Something inside him said he had nothing to dread.

He watched as the light grew to a fiery brightness,
It lit up the room in a white incandescence.
Then suddenly gone, the room plunged into darkness,
Yet all around Same he knew was his mother's presence.

A whisper came softly, "Don't worry, my Sammy",
With a hand on his cheek and a ruffle of hairs.
"Now you go on to sleep and know that I love you.
I will take care of Dean and the trouble he bears."

As Sam went soundly to sleep and was not aware,
Mary went to her eldest and quietly stood,
Just watching his face as it grimaced with pain,
And she knew Dean was grieving much more than he should.

"Dean, my good boy, your Mom needs you to wake up now,"
Mary said as she smiled deeply into his face.
Dean's sleep faded quickly, he looked all around him,
"What's going on? Why are you here in this place?"

"I came to remind you of how special you are,
Of the man you've become who is brave and so good.
I know you feel you don't deserve to be living,
I know you'd trade back your life if only you could."

"Now listen, my son, for my time here is so short,
Your father's decisions, while not always the best,
Were his choices to make, he couldn't live with you dead.
So away put your grief, it's time to put it to rest."

"But, Mom, don't you see that that is only a part,
There is more to what Dad did than just make a deal.
There's the secret he told me of Sammy to keep,
I hate lying to Sam, it's a wound that won't heal."

"I know you're afraid Dean, but you must let Sam in,
You must trust in your brother, you cannot go wrong,
As you tell him Dad's secret, remind him as well,
Together ... United ... you're powerful and strong."

"My time has grown short and I wish so much to say,
My Dean I am so proud of the things that you have done.
(Well, maybe not all - you know the vices I mean!)
I love you, my darling. I am proud of you, Son."

"So go on back to sleep now and peacefully dream,
And know that I'm always with you and your brother.
Also remember to take some time to relax,
Then let down your guard and just laugh with each other."

"Mom, why did you come here now, and how did you know,
I needed you right now so much more than before?"
"Your brother, dear one, made a wish that was so strong
For someone to help you, to give you strength and more."

Dean lay down his head, no longer worn and weary,
Closing his eyes, he felt a faint kiss on his cheek,
Then memories assailed him of good times, such fun,
Of trees and of presents and daring to just take a peek!

And when he awoke, refreshed and remembering,
He snuck out of the room and, with hatchet in hand,
Cut down a small pine tree by the motel office,
Taking it back to the room and thinking it grand.

Dean would put away grief and give guilt the day off,
He would give Sam a good Christmas as in times past.
He would be strong a bit longer, he knew that he could,
Sammy's wish had given him a strength that would last.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Can the Mail Get Any Better?

Mail Call at my house is haphazard at best.

Most of the time, I tend to ignore the mailbox. Unless I know of the possibility of something arriving, I usually only check it once or twice a week. The bills inside aren't going anywhere and that is basically all that ever seems to arrive in that rectangular metal box.

Once upon a time, it gave the girlies a thrill to grab the key from the ring and run to see what was locked inside the metal box on the corner. Being small, it was necessary for me to follow behind to insure they were using the key in the correct box. After time, the need for my assistance disappeared and between the two of them, they would enjoy the unlocking, unloading and relocking of the little door.

Now, in their pre-teen years, it's generally a matter of who I can bribe to make the trek when I remember that it's been a couple of days and we might want to see what was inside. There could actually be a spectacular sale going on at the grocery store, another certificate for $200 off of my next car, a chance for an all expense paid trip to Branson is always my favorite (my parents live there and so I am able to enjoy an all expense paid trip a few times a year).

There's also the various and sundry catalogs urging me to purchase items or this will be the last catalog I receive - which I have put to the test and it doesn't work that way. I love it when a catalog company pouts - "We miss you and want you back. Take one item at 30% off." Yeah. Right. Felt that love!

Occasionally there is a card or a note that is personal. Those are the delights and joys and the reasons I check the metal box more than once a month. Those are the reasons for even having the box in the first place.

Then there is the moment when the Supernatural Obsessive opens her box and receives the best present a true Obsessive could wish to find tucked inside. Her very own copy of the very first Supernatural Magazine.

Oh. My. Dear. Goodness. Gracious!

Words simply fail to describe the richness, the goodness, the fullness of pleasure to be found within the covers of this publication. Here's a quote from The Kripke on the very first page:

"Supernatural is a freak. It's a mutt. It's a Frankenstein's Monster of pretty much everything I love - horror, comedy, urban legends, classic rock, Joseph Campbell, Route 66, Westerns - all stitched together inot one bloody, twitching package. One of the most gratifying things about making this show was learning there were others out there like me. I wasn't alone. There's a couple million people wh dig the same things. People who fancy a little gore in their coffee. People who take solice in stories, the real stories, the ones passed around the campfire for thousands of years. People who, above all, value family. If you're holding this magazine, chances are you're one of us, too. Welcome."

I have yet to explore and enjoy all that is included in this first magazine - interviews with Jensen and Jared, a wonderful piece with director Kim Manners, special effects info, features on so many things from the journey so far to the top 5 tacky motel rooms, as well as lore from the master himself - The Kripke. There is simply so much that I will be enraptured for days.

Seriously. I mean, what other magazine do you know that can delight everyone with a centerfold that pictures the third star of the show in all of her beautiful, shiny, black glory?

Some days it really does pay to stop by the metal box and look inside. This Supernatural Obsessive is already looking forward to January. According to page 65 of this first issue, the second issue contains an article "Like Father Like Sons" - Jeffrey Dean Morgan reflects on life as John Winchester ...

Yep. I might be waiting at the metal box on that day - no need to waste the postman's time putting it into the box. I'll just be there to snatch that one out of his hands!