Monday, October 1, 2007

A New Definition for Hot Tea

I have a little ritual. Each morning I wake up, switch off the alarm, put on the water to boil and brew a cup of hot tea. The flavor will vary, depending on my mood for that morning and the level of caffeine I think I might need to get going on the day. My mug will vary - I have three favorites, although Thursday is ALWAYS the Supernatural mug. That's just a given. On Saturdays I use my sweet little teapot, enjoying the relaxing time that Saturday affords.

The first cup is usually by itself. Just a warm drink of "wake up" that I truly enjoy.

After brewing my cup, I will wander sleepily over to my computer and logon. I enjoy spending a few minutes waking up and chatting with virtual friends - through emails sent and received. All the while, I am sipping and enjoying my hot tea.

I will usually have a second cup with my breakfast or if time doesn't allow breakfast (meaning I have once again played too long and now am late), that second cup wanders the house with me as I hurridly try to get ready for work.

Whether it is while waking up, relaxing on a quiet morning, or rushing to get off to work, I simply love and enjoy my hot tea. I realize that it might not be for everyone, but it is something that makes me happy. Lately I have been trying some new blends that have added to my enjoyment.

Last night I was working on a project and searching for a picture of hot tea to use. Imagine my surprise when I came upon this picture ...

Yes ... Supernatural geek that I am just sat and giggled.

It's an interesting blend, don't you think?


InkyOrchid said...

Mmmm . . . works for me!

raputathebuta said...

HAHAHA! Oh MY! What a lovely spot o'tea he is too! That's a great pic, Keeper. I'll have to add it to The Collection!

Anonymous said...

Wow MC! A whole ramble about tea? Well at least you added a Hot-tea to the mix! Funny.. I'm usually a coffee person. Huh. As you can see I am still alive and it's almost Oct 4th so I had to say hello to my SnObby friend. Catch ya later.

much love

psychoactive toad said...


Britannia said...

Good words.