Friday, October 5, 2007

The Day After

After a seemingly endless wait, October 4th arrived yesterday. My anticipation had this grin on my face most of the day. Even stressful, serious moments had the grin, it was just tucked inside - not showing on the outside.

Supernatural Thursday has returned full force and I can't yet begin to find the words to describe my complete happiness at it's arrival. Not yet anyways. I have a ramble to write. My fingers are itching to get started. I have lots to say, my thoughts are swirling and starting to form.

However, for right now, I'm simply going to continue to grin. I'm going to savor the entertainment pleasure. I'm going to watch it again. And then? Yep. Watch it again.

My normal Thursday routine is back and I couldn't be happier. I've only got six days to wait for another one.


InkyOrchid said...

Right here grinning with you. Hee hee!! Our boys are back!!!!!

raputathebuta said...

*grins again*
Co-worker: "What's up with you?"
Me: "Nothing! I'm just glad my show is back on!"
*giggles some more*
Co-worker walks away shaking her head. it (next) Thursday yet?!