Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Morning in October

October is one of those months that I have always enjoyed. The air in the morning is always crisp and cool. When the days are filled with sunshine, then the sky is a magnificent color of blue - the shocking kind that makes the white clouds scattering across it even more white. When the days are rainy, they are dark and gray and gloomy. Instead of freshening up everything and cleaning, the rain and wind brings down more of the rust and orange and yellow and red leaves, littering the ground with them so that when the sun comes out once more and dries they they are free to blow and whisk around in the air.

Today brought a sunshine filled morning ... as I stood in my kitchen window waiting for my water to boil and my tea to steep (blueberry this morning - which is wonderful with a slice of blueberry crumble bread spread with a thin layer of cream cheese - yum!) I enjoyed the slight chill of my kitchen due to the windows being left open during the night. The air was fresh. The sky was once again that blue that simply can't be captured by film or color. The sun was bright, casting it's shiny rays around my kitchen and sparkling off of the glass pumpkin resting on the countertop. I could hear the Oklahoma wind "sweeping across the plain" rustling the leaves in the trees and blowing them into little mini tunnels of colors.

October is here and fall is truly begun. One of my favorite days is just around the corner, but more on that later. Right now it's simply time to drink my tea, eat my toast and enjoy the morning.

Won't you join me?


Ace said...

You know I will. :-)

psychoactive toad said...

I'm still waiting for crisp and cool morning air.

I don't mark the beginning of autumn by the leaves turning color and falling: I mark it by how much I sweat during my morning runs. When I'm no longer drenched, it's fall.

InkyOrchid said...

Keeper, you know I'm always good for tea! (Actually, I had some lovely blueberry rooibos last night. Or was it just berry rooibos?)

Saturday was a beautiful fall day here. An rarity this October. We're getting all the rain we missed this summer now.