Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Chocolate Thoughts

For Forrest Gump, life was like a box of chocolates.

While I enjoy the occasional chocolate that comes in one of those special boxes, I find that my life is more like a bag of M&Ms.

There are plain, milk chocolate M&Ms for those days that are regular, simply ordinary, the ones where I simply need a little something sweet to help get me through them.

There are peanut M&Ms for those days that are just a bit nuttier than usual, the ones where things are just a bit more stressful and a bit of added protein can go a long way.

There are almond M&Ms for those days that require a bit of juggling to get things done, the ones where I balance a bit of "good fat" fiber with the sugar of the chocolate I'm sure that I require.

There are peanutbutter M&Ms for those days when outside forces converge on life with all the appearances of being regular yet hiding a surprise, the ones where I need the comfort of my favorite chocolate and the comfortable surprise of something creamy and smooth.

There are dark chocolate M&Ms for those days filled with secrets and politics, the ones where I need a rich dark secret of my own to enjoy.

There are mini M&Ms for those days that are sublime, filled with laughter and joy, the ones where I simply enjoy feeling like a young girl again.

There are big M&Ms for those days when everything seems to be overwhelming, the ones where I need something more to shore up my personal defenses and keep from being run over by the thing called life.

There are baking bit M&Ms for those days that I need to occupy my mind and keep my hands busy, those days when time spent in the kitchen teaching a young child to cook are a blessing.


There are ice cream M&Ms for those days that are gleeful and full of sinful pleasures, those days when something cold and sweet reminds us that happiness can be found in something simple.

Yes, Forrest, life can be like a box of chocolates. But when you're on a budget like mine ... M&Ms will do just fine.

Now ... who wants to hear about how to get through the week with one bag of M&Ms by deciding on one color each day? Oh ... and don't get me started on the "special holiday" bags - shades of pinks & reds for Valentine's Day, pastels for Easter, red/white/blue for patriotic, orange/black/brown for Halloween or the green/red/white for Christmas. Or ... if you prefer ... I can show you where to go to get your own color selection.

Maybe I should stop now.

Anyone want to hear my theories on Hershey Kisses?


psychoactive toad said...

Smarties are better. Not these Smarties: http://www.smarties.com/index.htmlhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smarties_%28Ce_De_Candy%29
I mean these Smarties: http://www.nestle.ca/en/products/brands/smarties/index

Anonymous said...

Man I love peanut M&M's! Thanks for reminding me I need to replenish my supply. :-)



InkyOrchid said...

I have such a craving for M&Ms right now. Can't think why?

My favorites were the crunch M&Ms (with the rice crisps inside). I don't see them any more, though.

kooshypoo said...

Dark. Chocolate... Aw man! Now I'm going to have to go out into the bitter cold in order to warm up! :):):) You were saying something about a theory of Hershey's kisses?! Randomly related (or not), I saw some news clip that talked about Hershey's building a distribution center or something, perhaps in the southwest, and I thought to myself... I'm MELting! and I can't get up!!

psychoactive toad said...


koosh said...

ROTFLMAO, Toady! Sometimes it's empowering to own and wear terms of endearment that make you facepalm... that's all I'm saying.:):):)

Ms. Cindy must be very busy elsewhere, eh?