Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Cool Imagination

I tend to get bored driving back and forth to work each day. It's been the same trek for 8+ years. So I like to mix it up. Some days all I can think is to get home ... NOW. Those days are highway. Some days I have errands and those days I travel the roads to take me by my sidetrip destinations. And some days, like today, I am so exhausted from work that I want to get home, but the highway is jammed by a wreck and I end up wandering. I would rather keep making side street turns and keep moving, rather than stop for lights or traffic. It's as though I know that I am so beat that if I stop, I will end up dozing and drooling on the steering wheel. Not only is this not safe ... it's also not sanitary or attractive.
However, that is not the point of this little thought process. The point of this thought is the number of times I was told the temperature, as I made my way home. This summer it seems that more and more businesses are making it their ... well ... business, to let us know what the temperature is outside. I'm not sure why. Am I more prone to do my banking where they tell me not only the time but the temperature outside? Because of noticing the new electronic flashing sign telling me the temperature, will I be purchasing a new pool from a particular company? Getting a load of dirt? Eating a meal? What was once though of as a convenience, now becomes rather laughable.
In the space of one mile yesterday, I literally passed 5 signs telling me the temperature. Only two were the same. Since they were all in the triple digits, I didn't really care. All they really needed to do was put the words "It's Hot" and flash them and I would get the point.
Today was no exception. In my tired wanderings I found sign after sign telling me it was 100+ degrees. That is, until I came to this sign located at the side of the road. It was advertising a local store. It's sign read 78 degrees. I knew I was really tired, so I did a double take. Yep ... there it read, bold as brass in it's flashing red neon letters ... 78 degrees.
So, I did the only thing that seemed right. I pulled into the parking lot, parked right next to the sign and enjoyed the pocket of cool air.
Have I mentioned I have a powerful imagination?


InkyOrchid said...

Triple digits?!? The horror! Summer does end where you are, right?

*gathers bottles of water for Keeper to stash in her car*

Would hate it if you got stuck and dehydrated.

You should keep a picture of "your friend" in the car, too. To, um . . . err . . . help keep your imagination going.

OriginalCindyRose said...

I'm pleased to report a cool front has moved into the area today. The expected high will only be 98.


psychoactive toad said...

Ha ha!

Inky, no picture of "friend" in the Keeper's car. She would overheat for sure.

OriginalCindyRose said...


Didn't I mention I have a powerful imagination? Who needs pictures?

InkyOrchid said...

Toady, I was thinking her friend would distract her from the horrible traffic and help keep her alert on her drive home.

Keeper, err . . . glad it's cooling off down there.