Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Some mornings all you can do is say “what the …?”

Last week I was sick. Getting up and physically getting to work took everything I had on the days that I made it to the office. I was late each one. I knew this. I've never been the best at it, usually skating in at the very last minute. I knew I needed to do better. That was my mindset I took on over the weekend. I was going to do better! I did good on Monday (which we all know is the WORST day of the week AND it was a holiday, so I totally didn't want to be working anyway) … I even had time to splurge and stop on the way in for my favorite egg & sausage taquito, still making it to work on time.

Then came today - Tuesday. I swear … Murphy doesn’t have anything on “Cindy’s Law”.

Actual line of events:

Woke up late … instead of being dressed before taking my girlie to school, I barely had time to put a coat over my jammies … fortunately I slept in my flannel bottoms and shirt last night.

Got home from taking girlie to school and decided to go ahead and take trash to curb. Bag caught on stupid broken car in garage … broke … trash & garbage all over front of garage and driveway. Must be cleaned up.

Toast burnt. Set off smoke alarm.

Milk spilled on counter and floor.

Skipped my morning tea because of running late, therefore, also missed my morning quiet time.

Lunch bag fell behind dryer and had to get step stool to reach over the back and retrieve.

Found hole in original pair of black pants to wear. Changed to another pair of black pants.

Toilet over flowed – not from the front but from the back. Had to turn water off at base of toilet. Mop up floor. Will wait to fix till get home at night.

Black pants now drenched. Change to blue pair of pants.

No shirt clean to go with blue pair of pants.

Change to only remaining pair of pants … grey wool. Remember that today is going to be warmest of the week … in the 60s. Wear sleeveless shirt under jacket hoping to offset sweat from wool pants.

Pack lunch without incident. Feeling lucky.

Pull up to stoplight to exit neighborhood. Already running late. Wait for green light. Green light switches on … just as siren sounds from firehouse at the corner. Have to wait for firetruck and EMT bus to clear intersection. Just as they clear the intersection, my green light turns red and I must wait again. Since I happened to glance at the clock when I arrived at the intersection because I wanted to see how late I was running, I know that I got to enjoy sitting at that intersection for a full 7 minutes. Joy.

Race down the road, paranoid, watching for cops as my little red car flies down the road. Notice that gas gauge is low. Decide to wait until after work and hope.

Highway traffic moving good. Feeling hopeful.

Exit ramp to second highway blocked due to construction. Have to detour.

Manage to get off at next exit but need to deal with more stoplights with this street. Give up in frustration.

Slam into parking lot, grab stuff, walk quickly to door.

First words out of manager’s mouth are not “Good morning” or “hello”. They are “Cindy, I really need you to be here on time.”

Frustration doesn’t even begin to cover it.

I want to scream at the top of my lungs … THIS DAY SUCKS!!!!!!

Deep breath.


It is my choice. I can have a good day or I can have a bad day. It’s a matter of perspective. It is a matter of how I choose to go forward.

I’ve made a cup of tea (blackberry sage, a gift from a friend who loves me) and I’ve had a moment to write out my frustration.

I’m going to choose to have a good day.

However my choice is coming with an addendum. One more thing does not go right … I’m heading home and going back to bed.



Ace said...

Hang in there, friend.

You got prayers heading your way.


Tigerpride09 said...

I totally know how you feel.


p.s. my new nickname at work is pooh bear!

oceantriana said...

What a crummy day!

I hope today turned out better.


InkyOrchid said...

*gives Cindy big squishy hug*

*makes Cindy tea*

I hope your day improved!

koosh said...

Kooshie's unsolicited advice: after you get up late, run errands in jammies, and then the trash rips & spills all over?

The universe is trying to get your attention, MM. You're out of sync and you need to take a deep breath right then and there and stop to steep your cup of tea.

Works every time. No good ever comes out of fighting the current, unless you're a salmon, and even they seem to dance more than struggle.

*marvels at MM's tolerance for pain*