Sunday, February 17, 2008

Iridescent Magic


A stick with an open shape on the end.

A soft puff of air.

Four ordinary things.

Yet when they are combined, they create magic. The stick with an open shape on the end becomes a wand, wielding the soft puffs of air to create floating balls, glittering in the light with the colors of the rainbow.

Four ordinary things.

Yet when they are combined they light the eyes of imagination in children ... whether it is the infant who gazes with wide and wondering eyes at the mysterious globes floating through the air, the preschooler who giggles with gleeful joy as they run through the cascade of iridescent balls, or the older child who delights in their accomplishment at creating the smallest or the largest of spheres to bounce and weave through the breeze.

Four ordinary things.

Yet even adults find delight in them ... willing to deplete their oxygen again and again to keep a crying babe happy, watching the joy that is brought by such a simple act, finding the pleasure in watching small ones wonder at the disappearance and older ones catching and bursting each one before it lands on the earth.

Years ago, I attended a street festival and one of the booths was demonstrating the use of enlarged wands ... using pans of soapy water ... the magical globes were huge as the were twirled through the air. I watched as the youngest attendees laughed and clapped and ran through the enormous spheres, bursting them. I watched as the oldest attendees watched from the sidelines, indulgently smiling while their own hands twitched to be the ones to wield the wands to create the magic.

The simple, yet intoxicating magic of bubbles.


raputathebuta said...

I love bubbles! I've seen some of those guys who do the really huge ones...they are really cool to watch.

InkyOrchid said...

Bubbles are cool!

Last spring, I watched my cousin's 4-year-old and 2-year-old making bubbles on a blustery day. They were having such fun!