Saturday, January 19, 2008

Kitchen Confession

Come closer.

I have a confession to make.

Are you listening?

I absolutely adore getting new kitchen gadgets. New kitchen appliances can make my head spin with happiness.

Last year my delight was extreme when I discovered my Hamilton Beach toaster. I couldn't get home fast enough to toss my little Rival toaster out to the garage sale box and plug in my new beauty.

She's red!

Can it get any better? Oh yes, it can. This beautiful toaster has a little tray underneath to clean out those pesky crumbs, she does bagels and english muffins, and the uniqueness of her angled top is simply beautiful to behold.

Yes, appliances are such fun to use. My breadmaker is my weekend treat. My Mickey Mouse sandwich maker is guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone eating a grilled cheese sandwich. My little Sunbeam Oskar is old but still chops and dices like the pro that it has always been.

A journey to my parents house brings a smile when it includes a trip to The Kitchen Collection outlet shop. My paper thin chopping surface, decorated in apples is such fun. My spoonulas are tested to 450 degrees and I use them religiously. My small metal colander (in red!!) is so cunning and useful.

The problem with my little obession is that I don't always have the funds to allow myself to go crazy. Probably a good thing. I have my list going though ... a new griddle to replace the one that finally died for usage last year (it was only 20 years old - it had a good life) ... and electric skillet to replace the one that has decided it no longer wishes to be non-stick (an unpardonable appliance offense) ... a standing mixer (Kitchen Aid - if I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it right) ... I could continue but I don't wish to appear too overly obsessive.

Anyhow ... always being on the outlook for something new to add to my kitchen fun ... imagine my delight when this morning I sit down to watch America's Test Kitchens. Not only have I now learned how to make the perfect scrambled egg, I have also added the Calphalon Large Nylon Slotted Spatula to my list of things that I "simply have to have". At $4.99, it should easily fit into my budget. Now ... about that Kitchen Aid standing mixer ... do I get it in red to match the toaster and colander or should I get it in green as an accent?

Decisions, decisions, decisions.


koosh said...

Two words: COBALT BLUE. That's all I'm saying...;):):)

Oh. Except that Bed, Bath and Beyond is stocked by the devil. But we've already had that discussion, haven't we?! :D

Tigerpride09 said...

Ahh. I can just smell the freshly baked homeade bread right now!

I have been working alot this week. 28.81 hours. $156.00 odd dollars so far though. I am tired!

you don't have to come to my concert this tuesday but I would really like it if you came the 5th of Feb at TCC 7.00 is when the W.E. starts. Tuesday is not just the W.E. but the other bands as well. I'm in symphonic band but we are just playing boring stuff. well, except for my solo-ish part.


psychoactive toad said...


InkyOrchid said...

Oh, I think a racy red.

I'm coveting a dutch oven. Don't have one of those. (Of course, I don't usually cook, but I'm working on it.)

OriginalCindyRose said...

Whimsy ... I have two dutch ovens. One is just a regular copper bottom one that came with my set of pans but the other ... it's actually been handed down in my family. It's not cast iron, but it might as well be. It was my grandmothers, then my mom, and last year it came to me. I've made a stew, a pot of chicken noodles, and a roast. Yum!!

raputathebuta said...

I vote for red also. I have always longed for a hand-hammered wok, but I know I would probably never use it.

I must confess to purchasing the Vidalia Chop Wizard off tv. I love the stupid thing & use it all the time. I have a Magic Bullet too. That, I don't use as much, but it's still cool. Plus, I find myself still mesmerized by the cheezy infomercial when it comes on.