Saturday, November 17, 2007

Three Way Conversations - Not What They Used To Be

Have you ever tried keeping up with three conversations at one time? It's a challenge, but it can be done. Seriously. Believe it or not, I can handle three verbal conversations at one time. It's not easy but after 12 years of 3 kids, you kinda get conditioned for it. I can generally follow the gist of what all three are trying to say - plus, I have the advantage of being face to face and can slow or stop one, two or all three and make them go one at a time.

I am also able to keep up/work through a multi child telephone conversation. A bit more of a challenge, but still ... it can be done.

However, I have a new challenge that I'm not sure I can surmount.

Cell phones.

A few years back I carried a cell phone for work. After a couple of years, it was deemed I didn't need one for work and I decided I didn't really need one for personal use. So I gave it up. That was about six years ago. At that point, cell phones were pretty basic - you placed and received phone calls. Some of the phones had some minor games on them and some extras such as calendars or calculators. But they were pretty basic.

Now they have evolved into something akin to a mini televison/radio/digital camera and ... oh ... yeah ... something to use to place or receive a call.

Or a text.

A what?

A text.

Is that like a school book? Something you use in school for learning history, biology, math, etc.? 'Cause that's what I recall when I referred to a text.

Nope. Texting ... the art of sending and receiving messages on a phone. I wouldn't necessarily call them written messages. Written messages include words found in the dictionary.

G2G - TTYL is not found in any dictionary I've ever used. (Oh ... translation for those text challenged: Got to go, talk to you later. Yeah. Took me a little bit too.)

So, last spring when I decided to get a cell phone, texting was not a high priority in my calling plan package. I seriously didn't think I would use it all that much. I forgot that I had a teenager with a cell phone and very limber thumbs.

This has been a challenge that I'm not sure I've really conquered yet. Although, I am learning and I'm getting faster. I don't have to send my pre-programed "What????" quick message to her nearly as often. Still - if I let her, she will get on a roll trying to have an entire conversation. For this, I don't really have patience. In the time it takes me to type out a brief message and send it, I could have dialed a phone, let it ring, talked for a few minutes and disconnected. So, after she sends three or four messages, I usually simply call her back and make her talk to me. It's not like we don't have free minutes - we do! Plus, I'm an old fogey. I LIKE hearing my kid's voice occasionally. Still, it's been nice to be able to keep up with her at odd and different times - particularly when she is traveling with her high school band - and I admit, I've done pretty good. I seem to be able to keep up with texting back and forth just fine.

That was then.

Last week, the twins had texting added to the cell phones they received for their birthday two months ago.

This is now.

Three kids all trying to have a texting conversation with me at the same time.

Frk me o, my thb's hrt!

(Freak me out, my thumbs hurt!)


psychoactive toad said...

I've had a three-way.

Oh wait. You said conversation. Never mind.

koosh said...

Hahahahahaha.... Sorry, MM, I forgot what you were saying and it's ALL TOADY'S FAULT!!!

Anonymous said...

*ahem* I see Koosh is still a bit "devilish"? Wait.. blame that one on Toady! Funny girls.

Listen I don't have much to say about three conversations but MC I am going to have to change your initials soon. How do you feel about GMC?

I will be waiting for your toe tapping to begin....


InkyOrchid said...

*shakes head* Oh, that Toady! I needed that laugh today. (Maybe not that mental image, though . . .)

OriginalCindyRose said...

Okay ya'll ... I'm talking about cell phones and 16 year olds and 12 year olds here! Behave! Toady! *chortles* Just can't trust that wicked humor anywhere!

Peachy ... I understand ... and I'd like to see you privately in my office, please. You know where I am. No toe tapping. Just a need to see you. Please.

Tigerpride09 said...


by the way, it took me a minute to get toady. hahahaha. I am so glad I caused so much trouble!!!!!! I love this one. I think it is my favorite! ttul,

(talk to you later)


P.S. there is a dictionary out there with all the txt shortcuts in it.