Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's Thursday, So It Must Be Supernatural

I changed my cell phone message.

It was time.

Or atleast, everyone seemed to think so. Something about the fact that my message referred to the fact that it was new and if I wasn't answering, it was because I wasn't used to it and couldn't find it. Since that message was over 6 months old, I was told that I couldn't blame the "newness factor" for not being able to answer my phone.

So, I changed it. This is what I changed it to:

"Hi, this is Cindy and I can't find the phone, or ... well, if it's Thursday night, I'll be honest, it's Supernatural's new season and I'm not even looking. So. Please leave me your name and number at the tone and I promise I will give you a call back, because I'd really like to talk to you. So. Thanks for calling and have a wonderful day - and - if it's Thursday night, turn on your TV to CW and watch Supernatural, it's an excellent show! Bye!"

Go ahead. You can laugh. I laugh too. It was a spontaneous change as I was driving down the road on a Thursday night, anticipating the new episode I was going to watch that evening. I'm also honest enough with myself to recognize my obsession. I don't mind. (We also don't need to discuss the number of times I used the word "so". It's my grammatical weakness. Atleast it's not "uh".)

Why am I sharing this? Believe me, it's not because I feel the need to share my insanity ... although, I guess I am. It's actually so you will understand when you hear about this call I had the other night with the Tulsa County Sheriff's Department.

I was actually on my cell phone the other night, talking with a friend and another call came in. Since the Caller ID said "Private", I chose not to interrupt my call but let the second caller fall to voice mail. After disconnecting with my friend, I found there was a voicemail message. So, I listened.

It was a message from a Deputy with the TCSD, letting me (the number he had called) know that he was trying to deliver a protective order, and I (the number he had called) was not at the place where I was to meet him.

Hmm. Since I wasn't working on any protective orders, nor could I fathom why anyone would serve one on me, I figured they had the wrong number. In situations like this, I feel it's the right thing to do, to call the person back and let them know that they had the wrong number. So I did. I called the TCSD number that he left and spoke with the Deputy. I explained the situation and that he had been given the incorrect number. We talked for a minute and then, as we prepared to say our farewells, he said:

"I know it's not Thursday night, but enjoy your show when it comes on."

I had to laugh. The Deputy laughed also. He told me that he always has to work on Thursday nights and had never seen it. I told him that the next time he has a free Thursday night, he really should try to see it and he said:

"I'll be off on Thanksgiving, so I'll be sure to check it out that night."

Oh yeah!!! Score one for cellphone message advertising.

I wonder if the show has a budget for that. Could someone get me The Kripke's number? I'll leave him a message and find out.

Meanwhile, it's Thursday night. There's a new episode. So ... you can call but I won't be answering ... enjoy the message!


Anonymous said...

oh MC that story right there is why we love you so! And about the recipe.. "I'm workin on that" That by the way is my favorite Big Daddy quote except I can never remember does he say I'm workin on that or I'm workin on it? Still makes me all smiley though.

Anonymous said...

*ahem* This was Peachy if you couldn't tell. ;-)

OriginalCindyRose said...

For Peachy:

BDW: "It’s tried to stop me before."
SAM: "The demon has?"
BDW: "It knows I’m close. It knows I’m gonna kill it. Not just exorcise it or send it back to hell—actually kill it."
DEAN: "How?"
BDW: (giving wonderfully beautiful crinkle eyed smile) "I’m workin’ on that."

Sigh. Right there with you Peach. Meanwhile - MC will wait for "the mail". :-)

Rodyssey said...

Hi, Keeper!
This was the best story I've heard all day. Heck, all week actually.

koosh_of_the_DEMONvariety said...

Hahahaha... Um. Wait a minute! What's wrong with "uh"?!!!


oceantriana said...

OMGosh, Cindy! That is such a cute story - thank you for sharing!!

InkyOrchid said...

*hugs Keeper*

Good thing insanity is contagious! (<-- Sorry, can't spell today! Too weepy from episode.)

psychoactive toad said...

Stupid Google Reader is not telling me you have new posts!

This is awesome.

I told my running group this morning how I died running on TV.

SNFan said...

What a great story. I am SO going to have to try this.