Tuesday, July 31, 2007

When Eating and Talking at the Same Time

A couple of months ago, I took a vacation and wandered my way down to Austin, Texas. While I was there, I met a friend at this great little place for lunch. I decided to try something new, something different, so I had this specialty pizza. It was wonderful! A thin, crispy crust with a basil pesto sauce, artichokes, mushrooms, black olives and feta cheese. It was light. It was zesty but not harsh. It was simply enjoyable from the first bite to the last. Even after I started getting full, I couldn't quit picking at it and enjoying the taste of it.
Another thing that was wonderful about that meeting was the conversation. By meeting this friend, I was trying something new, something different, meeting this person for the first time. The time shared was wonderful! Our conversation was crisp, it never ceased, there was no awkward silences. It was light with fun and laughter. It was zesty with snark, yet not snide. It was simply enjoyable from the first moment to the very last. And even when it was time to part, we couldn't stop talking and enjoying each other's company.
Since I have been home, I have tried without success to recreate that pizza. I have tried versions of it from some of the national pizza chains (I REALLY don't recommend this! Even though there is feta cheese already on the pizza, they insist on covering it with enough mozzarella to fit two pizza boats.). I have tried a couple of local italian restaurants which were a bit better, but not much. I have tried making it myself at home, which yielded a bit better results, but still not quite right.
So ... here's my question that I'm pondering ... was this pizza really that good or was it the conversation? Was the pizza so much better because of the enjoyable conversation? Will I need to re-create the meeting with a friend in order to re-create the pizza?
Hmmm. Does this apply to other foods? I think I'm going to need to do some taste & talk testing. I'd better plan to visit some more new friends!

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