Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Week Ago at This Time ...

... I lived a year's time in a matter of hours as my imagination allowed me to travel the English countryside with Harry, Hermione, and Ron. My anguish was real as loved & respected ones were killed. My heart pounded through battles and narrow escapes. My anxiety level was high and when it seemed all hope was lost, I was full of despair and the tears I spilled were real, yet I had accepted the choice that Harry had made. The spectacular ending had me standing and cheering with gleeful happiness. An ending that not only closed a magnificent book, but also properly closed a series that has brought many thrills and much excitement over the years.

Today, a week later, as I watch two young friends reading ravenously, I remember my own thrill and excitement again. I won't ever have the pleasure of a "first reading" of Harry Potter again. But that doesn't mean that I can't read it again and still be transported to an exciting and magical world.

But I have to wait ... my young friends have my only copy of the book!

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