Monday, April 2, 2012

One Color or Many?

I am a big fan of colors. 

Any color ... soft, bold, pastel, bright, neon, jewel tone ... I love them all. 

Well ... not all.  I have a few issues with the brown family.  I just don't always care for browns.  They tend to make me cranky and depressed, which is sad from the standpoint that I am told I look really good in brown.  Hmm.  Maybe if it's a deep, rich mesquite brown with a bright red scarf or a pale pink sweater???  But no, for the most part, I'm not going to automatically choose brown as the color to paint a house, or furnish a room, or color a picture ... unless it's a picture of a tree trunk and then I'm gonna be adding in some pale shades and some gray.  Just so we're clear. 

But otherwise?  Color is my thing.  I love them.

Rooms and people are meant to be surrounded by color.  Why else would God have created so many different hues of each individual color shade????   You've never wandered in a stark, white & chrome field of flowers, have you?  No!  Those tulip fields in Holland are chock full of every color imaginable, not a sea of black and gray.  Even my favorite little white flower, the daisy, has a bright cheery button of yellow to frame.

Want to give me quivering spasms of joy?  Hand me a fresh, new Crayola box of 64!

Want to drive me to an early grave?  Lock me in an all white room.  Just better make certain it's padded, because I'll go stark raving mad before succumbing to the colorful clouds of heavenly wonder.

Want to make me crazy?  Ask me to choose a single, solitary favorite color.  I can't do it.  I have tried to narrow it down but given any moment of any day, that favorite is going to change. 

Some days I will grin and tell you that yellow is my favorite.  Soft and fluffy like a baby duck or bright and golden like the blazing sun in a bright blue sky.

Some days green is the color that soothes my soul.  The fresh spring green against a gray sky and a gentle rain or the deep emerald of a Christmas tree.

The gender colors of pink and blue always make me smile.  Those traditional soft pastels for newborn girls and boys, that shift and change -deepening in their hues and shades, brilliant and bright or dark and stormy depending on the age and the mood of the child, teenager, young adult, woman or man involved.

Given the given, if forced to choose a single, solitary color, I suppose I would go with red.  It's always been a favorite, tried and true over the years.  Red was the color of the couch of my childhood, the place where I could read and dream, play behind with imaginary friends, or lay my head and rest.  Red was the color of the roses my father gave to my mother each year on December 31st for their anniversary.  Red is the color of the signature shorts of this Disney-Girl's favorite Mickey Mouse.  Red is bold and it is passionate. It is the bright indicator of the exit sign that shows us the way and the signal of safety if we only will pay attention to it when it screams STOP or Emergency.

Red is the color that tells us of the richness of our lives, the life-giving color of our very own blood.  It is the color of power for with it we are strong and without it we are nothing.  It is the color of that which was sacrificed for us as Americans by our armed forces in their efforts to keep us free and it is the color of that which was sacrificed for every individual by Christ so that we may all live eternally.

So, yeah.  Red is a top contender for my favorite color.

Now.  That all being said, before I finish this colorful little piece, I need to say something about the color white.  I fear I might have maligned the poor color earlier.  I'm not saying it isn't true, I need to have changing colors all around me but I do also have a passion for white.  Not a stark room of it ... but a field of glistening snow, the coat of my small, fluffy companion, the pureness of my soul after being cleansed?  Yeah ... I have a passion for white.

But then, why not?  After all ... who hasn't seen the 3rd grade science fair entry about white light refracting through prisms, creating rainbows?

Today's challenge photo was "color" ...   

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