Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Going Postal

Today's photo challenge was "mail".

I considered taking a picture of my mailbox.

But I was scared by the spider living on the web inside it and shut the door quickly.

I considered taking a picture of my local small town post office.

But it was on a different street and I really didn't want to use my blinker, turn my car from it's path, and take longer to get home..

I considered taking a picture of the mounds of mail I get daily at the office.

But today was the one day a month that all we received was an postcard advertisement for a new internet service.

I considered taking a picture of the group of my elderly residents who always congregate at the mailboxes, waiting for our mail person to close the boxes so they could get their weekly supermarket ads.

But the mail person was late and the group began getting a bit rowdy ... and blue-haired scary!

I considered chasing down a mail truck and taking it's picture.

But I'm not current on my Homeland Security laws and I wasn't sure if chasing a mail truck was an act of terrorism.

I considered taking a picture of my mail person.

But she advised me that she had been known to break cameras and, since I was using my phone camera, I couldn't risk it. 

So, in the end ... we compromised ... and I got this ...

The symbol worn by every  USPS employee ... the bald eagle.

A bird, that until recently, was on the endangered species list but has, with help, recovered and stablilized.  

We can only pray that the USPS, an endangered species facing extinction, can be so lucky.

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