Monday, September 3, 2007

Snowcone Time is Ending

It's Labor Day today.

The first Monday in the month of September.

The day that typically signifies that summer is now at a close.

It doesn't mean that the heat has completely disappeared, that the grass has stopped growing (trust me on this one), or that we should expect snow any moment now. There are still going to be evenings of mowing yards, weekends of playing outside and grilling something for dinner. The sun will not be set when we leave work at 5pm yet. Just because it is Labor Day does not mean that there are not still vacation trips to be taken.

However, the time that we typically think of as "Summer", is now at a close. We are now on the precipice of Autumn. Those fall days that bring cooler air and colorful trees. Holidays celebrating the giving of candy and the giving of thanks. During the daytime the classrooms are filled with students learning and the evenings are spent with homework.

I truly love the summer months. I love the fact that getting dressed for work takes nothing more than slipping into a skirt and blouse and sliding my feet into sandals. I am able to simply grab my keys and jump in the car to drive up to the corner for a shaved ice snow cone. I love the fireworks, the taste of a fresh grilled hotdog, and the feel of hot sunshine on my face.

However, on this weekend each year, as I get ready to say good-bye to the summer, I look forward to the fall. I enjoy the soft feel of a cuddly sweater or flannel shirt. I enjoy coming home and lighting the candles, their soft scent and glowing wicks filling the house with a warmth and cozy feeling. I have a love for the decorating for the fall holidays, the intoxicating smells of holiday baking and the colors mums and/or pansies planted outside my door.

It is the end of the Labor Day Weekend ... the dividing weekend between Summer and Fall. No matter what the calendar tells us, we all know that Summer begins with Memorial Day weekend and ends with Labor Day. Tomorrow brings us the beginning of Fall, regardless of the actual date. I look forward to the fall days ahead, for they will bring new adventures, moments with family and friends, and days where the warmth must be found inside for there will be a chill on the outside.

But today it is still summer. Today the sun is hot and the grass needs to be mowed. So, now, if you will please excuse me ... I need to grab my keys and make one more snow cone run.


psychoactive toad said...

Happy fall!

I love fall. Fall is the start of marathon training, the beginning of race season, the promise of days where my clothes won't be dripping in sweat after a run. I really didn't like it when I lived in Canada, though. Back then, I dreaded fall for what it heralded: The long, miserably cold winter.

InkyOrchid said...

Fall is my favorite season of the year, and not just because my birthday is in it. I love the colors of the leaves and the crisp feel to the air. The light of the sun when it sets seems more golden to me at this time of the year.

I was shocked, though, this weekend to realize how early the sun was setting.

Ace said...

Ahhh. The changing of seasons. I will definitely miss summer, but fall holds new adventures and great views like always. The only thing I don't look forward to is the dangerous fog that it brings, where people are known to get hurt and lost if they're not careful. Still, there should be a few good times to be had, both with family and friends. And I look forward to that - once I finish my homework, of course. *grin*

Happy fall, Cindy. Later days...

Tigerpride09 said...

Muahahaha, Fall is HERE!!!!!! U kno what I mean. I agree w/ toad but not sewat dripping after a run but after Pride practice.

Pooh Bear