Friday, September 7, 2007

Oh, My ... Pie!

(disclaimer: This blog was intended to be posted last night - Supernatural Thursday night. Unfortunately, computer/internet problems occurred that we are not allowed to discuss - please trust me on this - and so it is now being posted on Friday. Pretend it's Supernatural Thursday night and you will understand why. Or don't ... it's up to you. I'm just letting you know where my head was at when I wrote this.)

This morning I woke to rain and thought of All Hell Breaks Loose.

Tonight at dinner I had dessert and thought of All Hell Breaks Loose.

It's been a very Supernatural day for this obsessive.

I've already explained the rain. I won't go there again.

I have spent a very enjoyable day visiting my parents. We have laughed and chatted and had a general good time. My mother and I have been going down memory lane as we go through old family photos. I have more to share on this another time.

Here's the thing, though ... even when I am in the midst of laughing and talking, my mind kept flashing back to the show. Something would trigger a memory or a thought of the episode - just as the rain did when I woke.

Want an example? See this picture?

My mom is looking at this picture and we are talking about my Great-grandmother and she's reminiscing about that vacation mumblemumble years ago. What am I, the Supernatural Obsessive doing? Well, my head is nodding, my mouth is making all the appropriate noises and conversation and my mind? My mind is exploding with the shrieks of "Oh My Gosh! It's an Impala! I'm standing in front of an Impala. It's a four door. Who's was it? Was it black? It's four door! Is it a '67? Did I get to ride in it?" Yep. Calm and cool on the outside ... freaking out like a fangirl supreme on the inside.

Now you understand my mindset for the day.

Let's move to dinner.

My folks and I went out to dinner with some friends. We went to this restaurant that is one of my very favorites here in Branson. While we were waiting for our table to be prepared, I wandered a bit and happened upon the counter where they keep the desserts. I took one look at this chocolate pie and my brain exploded with Dean's voice.

"Hey, see if they've got any pie. Bring me some pie! Love me some pie."

Right then, not having a clue as to what I would eat for dinner, I knew. I was going to be having pie. As I went back to our group, I announced I was having pie. All through dinner, I laughed, I chatted, I made small talk and enjoyed a pleasant evening. And my brain? My brain kept screaming in Dean's voice ... "Bring me some pie!"

The meal was delicious and huge. I deliberately didn't finish. That is what "doggy bags" are for - the obsessive who wants her pie. When the waiter came and began to ask if we wanted dessert, the poor guy didn't even get the words completely out ...

"Yes! I'd like a piece of the chocolate cream pie."

Now, I have no idea if Dean would care for the chocolate cream pie or not. He may be an apple pie kind of guy, or pecan, or peach. However, this pie? This was a chocolate lovers dream and delight. When it was brought to the table, everyone laughed as my eyes grew large as saucers. This wasn't just pie. This wasn't just chocolate pie. This was Chocolate Pie Heaven.

Maybe if Dean could have had a slice of this pie, all hell wouldn't have broken loose.

BTW ... The car? I was four at the time, the car may or may not have been owned by my uncle, may or may not have been a '67 and was most likely a very dark green and I did not go for a ride in it. Drats!


Tigerpride09 said...

Nice pic, how'd u take it? hehe. I WANT SOME PIE!!! You left with my camera and get to eat a delicious looking piece of pie!!!! I am truly jealous. Love you!


P.S. Mom got my cd from the radio station today!

Kat said...

Some of my most treasured memories involve the telling of stories passed down from my elders.

raputathebuta said...

IMPALAAAAAAHHHH!!!! It looks a little older than a '67...maybe a '65? I could be completely wrong though. Ooooh & pie! That combination makes for a perfect day. What a great story, Keeper!

InkyOrchid said...

That, Keeper, is some pie.

psychoactive toad said...

Hey, see if they've got any season 2 DVD's. Bring me some season 2 DVD's! Love me some season 2 DVD's.

psychoactive toad said...

My mind is exploding with the shrieks of "Oh My Gosh! It's an Impala! I'm standing in front of an Impala. It's a four door. Who's was it? Was it black? It's four door! Is it a '67? Did I get to ride in it?"

This is six degrees of Metallicar.

Pengy said...

KEEPER!! HOW did I not know you had a blog here too?

Pie...*sniffle* Yep, even your funny obsessivenes can't stop the feelings Dean's happy pie voice brings to me...all I see is my Sammy on the road!!

*goes into corner and cries*

Bardicvoice said...

Tee-hee! Oh, Keeper - this was funny!

And on your Impala moment: we had a 1967 Chevy family car. It was a fire engine red Bel Air station wagon, my father's pride and joy, and I remember the night Dad brought it home from the dealership, all brand-new and shining, to promptly be christened "Big Red." I've thought about Big Red many a time wile smiling at Dean's '67 Chevy Impala, remembering loving (and driving!) a '67 in my own history.