Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What Kind of Rose?

My sweet friend Whimsy put out this quiz on her LJ blog ... "What type of rose are you?".

Yeah ... cause with a name like mine I'm going to totally not take THAT one!

Figured I would share the results. :-)

Neskaya Quiz: What Type of Rose are You? [Red]
You are passionate and romantic. Your have such passion when it comes to love that you find it to be one of life's sweetest things. You believe in love at first sight and wish that there were more love in the world. You are a caring sweetheart.

Neskaya.Net Quiz: What Type of Rose are You?

Neskaya.Net Quizzes: The Rose Quiz

Needless to say ... I'm feeling very good about myself at the moment. (I'm also wondering how this would have gone if I were feeling a bit cynical tonight. Hmmmm.)


InkyOrchid said...

I'm glad you're happy with your results, Cindy! And you can always take the test again when you're feeling more cynical.

Charissa said...

"You are a caring sweetheart."

That's our Keeper!

kooshie said...

Oh! I didn't realize you'd put this up on Blogger... *hugs*

Ace said...

Looks like they described you spot-on perfect. :)